McCarthy for North Dakota House District 8

Scott McCarthy Interviewed by KXNews after Announcing Run for District 8 House Seat

by | Jan 21, 2022 | News

BISMARCK, ND – Scott McCarthy is running for the House.

He’s a business owner and technology consultant who hopes to bring that expertise to the legislature to make government more efficient.

McCarthy has lived in Bismarck for 20 years but says he understands rural issues, too.

If elected, he says he hopes to implement his philosophy of government to help North Dakota.

“I like to look at government as an extension of business. What I hope to do is make the government operate that way and what I mean by that is us as taxpayers, us as residents are consumers of that business, those government agencies. So I like to bring that model, that small government, efficient government, to the taxpayers of North Dakota.”

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